Meet the Team!

Jesse Stechly | Founder / Owner

Jesse Stechly, a Cyber Forensics and Information Security major at Robert Morris University, is the Founder and Owner of Tech Neighbor LLC. His background and interest in business and technology inspired his idea of Tech Neighbor. He hopes everyone can benefit from the services and education that Tech Neighbor offers.

Bradley Gray | Programming Instructor

Bradley Gray, an Application Support Developer for an international Pittsburgh company, is Tech Neighbor’s lead instructor for our Computer Programming Education  program. He has knowledge and heavy experience in Java development, mobile development, web development, and game development, making him the ideal instructor for Tech Neighbor.

Cody Davies | Lead Financial Advisor

Cody Davies is an Accountant and Finance major at Penn State Harrisburg. Before transferring, he had studied at Robert Morris University, a leading university in Accounting and Finance. Cody primarily uses his knowledge of the tax and business law to help Tech Neighbor LLC. Additionally, he helps with proper budgeting to allow Tech Neighbor to grow efficiently.

Andres Recalde | Programming Instructor

Andres is a student at John Hopkins University, dual majoring in Computer Science and Psychology. He loves learning new things, but more importantly, he loves teaching and helping others on what he learns. He is going to be one Tech Neighbor’s Programming Instructors, teaching the C computer programming language. 

Sara Szymanski | Project Manager / Event Coordinator

Sara Szymanski is a student at La Roche University, dual majoring in Accounting and Business Management. She is furthering her education and will earn her Master’s in Accounting. Her experience and knowledge in business, finance, and event hosting will prove to be a viable and successful worker for Tech Neighbor.

Benjamin Gilby | Programming Instructor

Benjamin (Benjy) Gilby is a Computer Science major at the University of Pittsburgh. As an Instructor of Tech Neighbor, he will be providing classes for Python programming. Not only is he an Instructor for Tech Neighbor, but he contributes to Tech Neighbor Topics, our dedicated blog, and Tech Neighbor Talks, a podcast about all things technology.

Garrett Berner | Marketing Consultant

A Marketing major from La Roche University, Garrett Berner has developed expertise in the marketing world. As the marketing consultant for Tech Neighbor, he is tasked with helping grow Tech Neighbor, along with allowing for the right amount of outreach so that everyone can take advantage of what Tech Neighbor offers.

New Device Set-Up

If you recently got a new device that you need help setting up, this service is what you are looking for. New Device Set-Up covers all of the following: Account sign-in (Google, iCloud, Facebook, etc.), Device back-up, Contact and Picture Transfer, and App Downloads. Additionally, Device Learning is included with this service!