Programming Classes (NEW)

We are now offering hands-on LIVE virtual programming classes for any age or user!

New Device Set-Up

New device? Let us help you set it up! We can make the transfer process quick and easy. *Headaches not included*

Device Learning

It is time to master your device so that it works for YOU. Technology can be scary, but it doesn’t have to be. We can help!

Online Safety Education

Learn how to stay safe online. Privacy and online security is important now more than ever. 

Laptop Refresh

You may just need a simple refresh to get your computer running the way that it was meant to be.

Neighborly Recommendation

Save your money! Buy what you need, not what the salesman wants you to buy. Tech Neighbor has you in our best interest.

Device Recycle

There are tons of toxic e-waste every single year. Recycle the RIGHT way. Recycle the SAFE way.

Professional Data Wipe

Clean your personal information off devices before you sell it to that creepy guy on Craigslist.

Photo Scanning

Your old photographs are just collecting dust and taking up space. Get professional digital scanning of your most precious memories.

Private Document Shredding

Don’t throw your mail or other important documents in the trash. Dispose of it properly without risking identity theft.

Programming Classes

Tech Neighbor Certified Programming courses for any age or user are now available! Register today!

Need Additional Services?

If you need a more specific service or request, contact us. We will be more than happy to try to accommodate you.

New Device Set-Up

If you recently got a new device that you need help setting up, this service is what you are looking for. New Device Set-Up covers all of the following: Account sign-in (Google, iCloud, Facebook, etc.), Device back-up, Contact and Picture Transfer, and App Downloads. Additionally, Device Learning is included with this service!

Device Learning

You will be provided with the necessary knowledge to be able to efficiently function your device. Whether it is your cellphone, tablet, laptop, or any other device, properly learning how to use it will allow you to be independent and non-reliant of others. Some of the topics that will be covered: Battery saving tips, Network and Bluetooth connections, Recommended apps, Proper care, Good Apps vs Bad Apps, and more. In addition to the mentioned topics, the interaction will be tailored to YOU. You may ask any question and request any topic to be covered.

Online Safety, Security, and Privacy Education

Topics that will be taught one-on-one include:

  • Identity Theft Protection
  • Social Media Privacy
  • Device Security
  • Online Safety Tips
  • Cyber Terminology
  • Strong Password Creation
  • Recommended Security and Privacy Applications
  • Safe Online Shopping
  • Smart Decision Making in the Workplace
For an additional fee, this service can be added onto any service we provide.

(Presentations are available and can be tailored for High School assemblies/events, small businesses, etc.)

Laptop Refresh

If your laptop is running slowly, rather than spending a fortune a new computer, it may need a nice refresh. The process includes: File Cleanup, Malware Removal, Disk Cleanup, Settings Adjustment, Security Updates, and more.

Neighborly Recommendation

Neighborly Recommendation is a service that is offered that helps you choose the right device for you. During the appointment, you will be asked some basic questions in order to decide what smartphone, tablet, or computer will best fit your needs. Some topics that we will go over with you will include size preference and operating system preference, along with finding a device that fits your budget. By the time the appointment is over, you will feel confident that the decision you made is the best for you.


Recycle your old tech the safe and easy way! Tech Neighbor provides a free-of-charge recycling service for anyone looking to get rid of technology that is just collecting dust on your shelves. Your data is wiped clean, leaving you without any worry!

Professional Data Wipe

You can get your personal information on your devices professionally wiped clean using our service. This service is highly recommended if you are looking to sell or dispose of your old computers or cellphones without risking your data from being leaked or stolen. 

Photo Scan

We can help you declutter your home by making digital scans of all of your photographs. Another benefit of getting your photographs professionally scanned is that you no longer have to risk damaging old, priceless pictures while keeping them in storage. Additionally, this means that everyone in your family has access to timeless family photos.

Private Document Shredding

Your trash is another man’s treasure. Millions of Americans every year simply throw out documents with personally identifiable information, such as mail and banking information. For identity thieves, dumpsters are gold mines for this type of information. Through Tech Neighbor, you can schedule a pickup of all personal documents so that they may be disposed of properly and securely. Identity thieves are out to get you, but Tech Neighbor has your back.