Sales People vs. Tech Support

Scenario (based on actual events): Sam has a phone that he has used for a little over two years now. It still works, but he has recently been having trouble with seeing his screen. The screen is dark (but still visible), and he can only see it at certain times of the day or if he is inside. There is something clearly wrong with it, so he decided to take it to his local wireless carrier store (i.e. Verizon, AT&T, Cricket, Sprint, etc.) He approaches the worker there and shows them the problem. They inform Sam that his cell phone is damaged internally. They tell him the screen panel is disconnected because he may have at some point dropped the phone unintentionally. They look at Sam’s phone for a second or two for a quick fix. Then, they say that it is damaged beyond repair and that he needs to buy a new phone. They show Sam a phone that they think he would like and then Sam buys it!

You might be asking yourself, “what is wrong with this scenario?” Here’s the answer: Sam has just gotten duped. Wondering how? You see, in the scenario above that I saw first-hand, the only issue with the phone was that the screen brightness setting was accidentally set too low. The salesperson knew two things: 1. Sam relies on his phone for emergency purposes and 2. Sam doesn’t know how to properly work his phone. Unfortunately, he convinced Sam to spend upwards of $610 to get a new phone that he had no need for because his old phone was not broken.

Salespeople need to SELL. That is their job at the end of the day, and that puts food on their table. Salespeople do not need to receive a lot of tech support training because there is usually a dedicated tech support team that can attempt to aid customers over the phone. Additionally, many wireless stores associates get paid hourly AND commission. The more devices and special features that they sell to you, whether you need it or not, the more cash that comes out of your pocket and goes into theirs.

Save yourself a trip, save yourself some cash, and get help from someone who can effectively work with you for your own best interest.

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