Instructor: Benjamin Gilby

When: Spring 2021

Where: Virtual through Zoom

Price: $35 / class for 12 weeks (Options to pay one week at a time are available)

Tech Neighbor offers classes to learn Python Programming, one of the fastest growing and most popular programming language of 2020. We offer live virtual classes as our approach to true hands on learning.

Since we decided that it was best to have primarily only small class sizes, you will be given a direct opportunity to ask questions and request any help if you need it. Outside of the weekly class, you will be able to reach out to the instructor if you have any questions or issues regarding your code.

We also plan to make the webinars accessible. This will allow you to go back and learn from the webinars if you forget something or if you  can’t attend the live session one day.

After completion of the course, not only will you receive a certificate of completion of the Python course. Additionally, if it is clear that you are more than capable with what you have learned, you will be granted to use the Instructor as a reference in any job or school application, along with a Letter of Recommendation.

We believe in hard work, dedication, and self-improvement. We want you to succeed, so by offering a further incentive, we hope to spark extra motivation to do well and learn the content. 

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New Device Set-Up

If you recently got a new device that you need help setting up, this service is what you are looking for. New Device Set-Up covers all of the following: Account sign-in (Google, iCloud, Facebook, etc.), Device back-up, Contact and Picture Transfer, and App Downloads. Additionally, Device Learning is included with this service!