Why should you learn programming?

Our world is evolving…and you should, too. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of software engineers is expected to grow 26% between 2016-2026. This is considerably much faster than any other occupation. 

We believe that it is always better to prepare now for the future of tomorrow. That is why we focus on education in all things technology. Programming is popular now more than ever, and we expect that to hold true for decades on.

Learning programming opens up a multitude of opportunities for a creator, aspiring developer, or just an average person trying to add valuable skills to their skillset. 


  • Most common programming language
  • Uses include Application and Game Development, Mobile Development
  • Average Annual Salary: $104,000


  • Most popular programming language
  • Uses include Machine Learning, Data Science, Financial Services
  • Average Annual Salary: $120,000


  •  Many modern programming languages are based off of C
  • Uses include Operating Systems, Robotics, Industrial Automation
  • Average Annual Salary: $97,000

New Device Set-Up

If you recently got a new device that you need help setting up, this service is what you are looking for. New Device Set-Up covers all of the following: Account sign-in (Google, iCloud, Facebook, etc.), Device back-up, Contact and Picture Transfer, and App Downloads. Additionally, Device Learning is included with this service!