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Consumer Electronics Expertise

Need help using your brand new devices? We can easily assist you with that! By understanding your device from the inside to the outside, you will find yourself confident in your everyday use!

Technology Support

If your device is running slow or you are having issues with operating it, we have your back. Our interactions are effective and come with a judgement-free guarantee!

Online Safety Education

It is important to be careful while using the Internet. Identity theft, fraud, and hacking are at an all time high! Learn the best ways to protect yourself and your family.

And more!

It doesn't end there! Age or status does not matter. Anyone can take advantage of the many services and classes available.

Look at the Numbers!


More than 70% of users have used the same password across multiple sites


Small Businesses make up nearly half of all Cyber Attacks


Almost 95% of data breaches are caused by human error


1 out of every 3 Americans have been victims of identity theft

"Technology doesn't have to be complicated or scary. For the new decade, become confident in how you use your devices for a safer and more productive digital lifestyle."
Jesse Stechly

New Device Set-Up

If you recently got a new device that you need help setting up, this service is what you are looking for. New Device Set-Up covers all of the following: Account sign-in (Google, iCloud, Facebook, etc.), Device back-up, Contact and Picture Transfer, and App Downloads. Additionally, Device Learning is included with this service!